“New Beginnings” Fan Videos

For our “New Beginnings” concerts, we asked our audience to take pictures and videos of the concert to share with us and with their friends. Pictures and videos that were posted during the concerts were also eligible for prizes which we awarded near the end of each concert.

Here are some of those videos that were sent to us directly or posted to our Facebook page (or elsewhere on Facebook, if we could find it). Also be sure to look at some of the photos sent to us!

To see more videos and photos posted to our Facebook page,
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“Fountains of Light”

by Kevin McChesney

“Rondo à la Turque”

Mozart, arr. David Jordan

“As the Deer” (clip)

Nystrom, arr. Patricia Sanders Cota


by Kevin McChesney


HYFRYDOL, arr. Boude Moore

“Song Without Words” (clip)

Alloy Orchestra, arr. Kevin McChesney

“Brethren, We Have Met to Worship”

HOLY MANNA, arr. Kevin McChesney

“All of Me”

by John Schmidt (of The Piano Guys)

“Sabre Dance”

Khachaturian, arr. Cheryl (Sutton) Baker
(reworked by Luke Nabeta and Forté)

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