Forté Climbs a Mountain

On Saturday, September 19, we climbed a mountain in the name of handbells! This qualified as one of our crazier adventures (thus far). We chose one of our more mobile* pieces, “Carillon” by Kevin McChesney, to film in this epic location on the top of Mount Herman (near Monument, CO).

* “More mobile” means we only needed to bring one six-foot table, six feet of foam, a bell tree stand, one table cover, and an overnight hiking pack lovingly packed with 65 pounds of handbells. Fortunately, our awesome videographers helped us lug our equipment up the mountain in addition to their own.

We are excited to get this video put together for you guys! It will be awesome. In the meantime, here are some pictures we captured along the way.

UPDATE: Check out the final video here!

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