A sea of bells! This was after we cleaned off the bells we used in one of our rehearsals.

Forté rehearses and performs with the following equipment:

  • Handbells
    • 4 octaves + F2 Schulmerich handbells
    • 3 octaves Schulmerich handbells (owned by member Luke Nabeta)
    • 3 1/2 octaves Schulmerich handbells (G4-D8; owned by member Megan Reishus)
    • 5 octaves Schulmerich handbells (borrowed from the Pikes Peak Ringers)
    • For some events and pieces, Forté also borrows up to 5 octaves Schulmerich handbells from First Lutheran Church and St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, and up to 3 octaves Schulmerich handbells from Holy Trinity Anglican Church
  • Handchimes
    • 3 octaves Schulmerich Melody Chimes (owned by member Luke Nabeta)
    • 3 octaves Malmark ChoirChimes (owned by member Dillon Ekle)
    • 5 octaves Malmark ChoirChimes (owned by member Megan Reishus)
  • Mallets by TruTimbre, Malmark, and Schulmerich (primarily owned by Forté members)
  • Up to 4 Stands for Bell Trees (3 bell tree stands by Peery/Jeffers, 1 light stand by Eliminator) (owned by Forté members)
  • Several racks to hold handchimes for bowing and malleting (custom-built by member Luke Nabeta)
  • Other percussion including a djembe, cajón, and drum kit (owned by Forté members and family members)

Forté with (most of) our 2016 Rethink Possible equipment.

Out of all this equipment, Forté itself now owns four octaves of bells plus an F2 bell, the custom chime racks, four violin bows, and about 9 mallets. The rest is borrowed from Forté’s members and our friends in the local handbell community.

Our long term goal is to purchase five octaves of Schulmerich handbells that the group will own, to be supplemented by our ringers’ personal equipment in cases where we require duplicates and triplicates for rehearsal and performance, though Forté might eventually like to own a duplicate three octaves, plus chimes and possibly into the sixth and seventh octaves in the distant future. This will provide greater autonomy to rehearse, perform, and tour without needing to coordinate with the owners of the equipment that we borrow.

Our next, most immediate goal is to purchase the fifth octave of bells (C3-F#3 and G#7-C8). The lower bass portion of that range are the only bells we currently require that are not owned by any of the members of Forté. Eventually, we would like Forté itself to own a full five octaves of bells and chimes, which would guarantee that Forté would always have access to at least one full set for tours and concerts, using other equipment owned by members for duplicates, triplicates, and so on.

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