Our Goals

In pursuit of musical excellence, Forté strives to explore, innovate, inspire, and glorify God through the gift of music. We endeavor to:

1. Glorify God by developing and sharing the gifts and talents He has given us.
We acknowledge that all of our abilities are gifts from God, and we want to use them with an attitude of grateful wonder and excitement. In order to offer Him our best, we strive constantly to push ourselves and sharpen those skills. Whether we are playing pieces that are sacred or secular, classical or modern, profound or lighthearted, we want all of our music to point to the One who saves us and who gives all of creation its inspiration and fulfillment.

2. Foster awareness, enjoyment, and appreciation of handbells within the wider musical world and beyond by maintaining high musical and artistic standards.
Much of the general public is unaware of the world of handbells, and many musicians have never seen the instrument outside of limited contexts. By approaching our music with professionalism and artistry, we hope to broaden the experience and exposure of handbells, showing the musicality and depth they are capable of producing.


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